Taylor Kinney and Ashley Cruger tie the knot

Taylor Kinney from Chicago Fire tied the knot with model Ashley Cruger in an intimate ceremony in Chicago on April 30, a rep confirmed to PEOPLE.

Cruger made a notable update on her Instagram, changing her name to Kinney and joyously marking the occasion on her Instagram Stories on May 14. She posted a snapshot of the couple, dressed casually and nestled together on a sizable river rock, accompanied by a red heart emoji. In another post, she shared an image of herself being playfully carried piggyback by Taylor, set to Taylor Swift’s latest track “But Daddy I Love Him,” captioning it “Mr. & Mrs. Kinney.”

In Ashley Cruger’s recent Instagram post, Taylor Kinney was seen sporting a silver band on the third finger of his left hand, sparking speculation among followers.

Kinney and Cruger have been an item since 2022, with Kinney introducing Cruger to the world via Instagram in March of that year.

Their relationship became public in April when they appeared together at a charity event in Utah. Cruger reciprocated by featuring Kinney on her Instagram during a race in Texas.

While they’ve occasionally shared snapshots of their romance on social media, it was in April 2023 when Cruger posted a cozy Easter selfie of the couple, marking a milestone in their relationship.

This marriage marks Kinney’s first. He was previously engaged to Lady Gaga, but they called it off in July 2016.

Kinney has just wrapped up filming for the twelfth season of Chicago Fire. The Season 12 finale airs Wednesday, May 22 at 8 PM CT on NBC.