Tandem helps Home Chef tout new hashtag

The Chicago-based
production company
captured tasty cuisine
and smiling customers
for a new campaign
about ‘#DinnerTonight’

Chicago-based Tandem Inc. filmed nearly a hundred setups in two days while completing a series of spots for Home Chef’s new #DinnerTonight campaign.

Created by the meal kit and food delivery company’s in-house marketing team, the campaign features an up-tempo mix of colorful cuisine and satisfied customers touting touting the convenience, versatility and amazing flavors in Home Chef’s meals.

Along the way, quick cuts and a snappy script highlight the value, enjoyment, and variety that Home Chef offers to its customers.

“It’s a great branding tool that shows all these different recipes you can make with Home Chef,” says Tandem Director Tyler Jay. “In a really playful way, we captured how tasty, clean, and fun the food is.”

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In the 60-second Hashtag Roulette, mouthwatering dishes mix with smiling faces, giggling toddlers, and a hand clutching a sandwich while a pair of narrators mention a myriad of hashtags that describe the company before landing on “#DinnerTonight.”



The #DinnerTonight campaign includes three 60-second commercials and six shorter versions. In addition to streaming online. Besides streaming online, they will run on social media, email campaigns, and retail displays.

According to Jay, production moved along like “clockwork” with the help of Tandem’s amazing crew, Firehouse Studio’s strategic studio layout, and Home Chef’s invaluable assistance.

“Firehouse Studio had all the props and everything on the same level, and a prep kitchen right next to the stage,” he recalls. “And Home Chef did an excellent job collaborating with our production team concerning food prep, props, and sourcing all of the people featured in the spots.”

“Home Chef also edited the spots internally,” he adds, “and they did a fantastic job.”

On set, he says that food stylist Christina Zerkis and her assistant Floria Lunceford worked “like magicians” behind the scenes, alongside Home Chef’s in-house creative resources, who brought deep knowledge of the product and industry best practices.

“It truly was a collaborative project,” says Jay. “We had much shorter days than expected and we created something contemporary, informative, and fun.”

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