Tandem and Razorfish mix it up for Patrón

Chicago’s Tandem, Inc. helped Razorfish make learning fun in a new Patrón Tequila online video for National Margarita Day.

How To Make the Patrón Classic Margarita turns the beloved cocktail recipe into 30 seconds of energetic footage and bouncy music. The effect lets people know that making Patrón margaritas at home is not only enjoyable, but also within reach, according to Tandem director Tyler Jay.

“Rather than creating a typical how-to video, we made something enjoyable,” he explains. “People see it and think, ‘wow, I want to make a margarita.’”

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Raising the bar
How To Make the Patrón Classic Margarita debuted online just in time for National Margarita Day, February 22, which the National Margarita Day website describes as, “one of the most popular National Food Holidays.”

In addition to creating separate spots for the single-serve recipe and the batch recipe, Tandem and Razorfish completed a print component for the campaign during a two-day shoot in a suburban Dallas home.

“It was one of the most collaborative projects that we’ve been a part of, and Razorfish’s Austin creative team is simply the best,” says Jay. “Everyone really wanted to help elevate the project, and I think you can see that with the finished product.”

“Plus,” he adds, “who doesn’t love working on Patrón?”

The professional bartender starring in the spot created an enthusiastic mood on the set, and Razorfish’s in-house editing and music teams brought it home.

“When I saw the finished piece, I realized that they had absolutely raised the bar for content in this category,” says Jay.

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The heart of the Weber Blue Agave
Produced in Mexico, Patrón Tequila is made from the heart, or piña, of the Weber Blue Agave plant, which only ripens “ever eight years or so,” according to the company’s website.

Tyler Jay
Tyler Jay

The process has helped Patrón claim the number one spot on Esquire’s 12 Best Tequila Brands to Drink Right Now.

But Jay, who was born and raised in New Mexico, likes to drink Patrón because it reminds him of home.

“Being from Santa Fe, I learned more about tequila than any other spirit,” he recalls. “Patrón has always been my favorite.”

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