Tandem founder Tyler Jay to appear on ‘Shark Tank’

Tyler Jay

Tyler Jay

film director
to pitch Plop Star,
“the holy grail of
toilet deodorizers”
on Sunday,
October 20

After sacrificing countless off-work hours transforming a product idea into a marketable reality, Tandem founder Tyler Jay will present the fruits of his labor to American television audiences. On the October 20 episode of ABC’s Shark Tank he will pitch his company, Plop Star, to the millionaire panel of moguls and venture capitalists who determine if the business should get an injection of Shark Tank cash.

Billed as “the world’s most discreet bathroom deodorizer,” Plop Star is a tablet that “blocks bathroom odors” with a “refreshing citrus scent” when dropped into the toilet bowl. Available through Amazon and the Plop Star website, a box of 30 sells for $12.99.

Jay developed Plop Star during evenings and weekends when he wasn’t consumed with the demands of his role as founder and director of the Chicago production company, Tandem, Inc., or spending time with his family. To support the product’s entry into the marketplace, he and his Tandem crew teamed up with The Colonie and Comma Music to create one of the funniest commercial’s covered in Reel Chicago last year.

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Shark Tank chose Jay from thousands of hopefuls across the nation to be among the select group of entrepreneurs appearing on the Emmy Award-winning show. According to the entrepreneurial filmmaker, the decision was greeted with delight by his wife and two children.

“My family has been watching Shark Tank together for years,” he says. “A lot of effort went into developing Plop Star, and it’s been a dream come true to now be one of the featured entrepreneurs on the show.”

In addition to developing and marketing the product, Jay counts himself among Plop Star’s many satisfied customers.

“Like most of us, I never was comfortable going #2 unless I was in the comfort of my own home because of the evidence I might leave behind,” he says. “I figured there had to be a product on the market that was super portable and easy to use when those situations arise, but I couldn’t find any. That’s why I invented Plop Star.”

About Plop Star
Plop Star is the world’s most discreet bathroom deodorizer. Just drop one tablet in the bowl BEFORE your performance. Plop Star blocks bathroom odors with a buffer of essential oils, leaving a refreshing citrus scent behind…and nothing else. Now you can rock the bowl with confidence! Perfect for home, the office, parties, and those annoying new communal bathroom things. So go on…give it a Plop! | Follow Plop Star on Instagram. Like Plop Star on Facebook.

CREDITS for Rock the Bowl with Confidence
Client: Plop Star, LLC

Production Company: Tandem, Inc.
   Director: Tyler Jay
   DP: Andrew Dryer
   Copywriter: Dave Wasserman

Editorial: The Colonie
   Editor: Nathan Rodgers

Sound Design: Comma Music
   Sound Engineer: Jordan Stalling

Film Colorist: Michael Matthews

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