Tabletop shooter Michael Azzariti’s new HD studio

TABLETOP SHOOTER MICHAEL AZZARITI of Black Bag Films has built a 2,500 sq. ft. HD production studio with a commercial kitchen, on the old horse farm he owns in East Dundee.

A ten year veteran of Peter Elliott’s internationally famous studio, Azzariti’s company is focusing on creating table top using the latest in digital and file based work flow.

“This way,” he says, “we can reduce production costs well below what agencies are used to paying for this kind of footage.”

The studio is equipped with a digital audio recording room, an HD editing workstation and studio lighting with 200 amps of power.

Azzariti has worked on commercials for some of the biggest advertisers, such as Bud, Arby’s, Dr. Pepper, Nestle’s and Miller beer.

“I’m still seeing commercials and print ads, like Skippy Peanut Butter and M&M Mars, that we shot in the ?90s,” he says.

Current clients include “a lot of work” for Coca-Cola and McDonald’s internal agencies.

Black Bag Films is located at 554 Bonnie Dundee Road, East Dundee. Phone, 847/254-9726. See