Syndication for Lincoln Lodge comedy shows

The nine-year-old comedy showcase The Lincoln Lodge has entered a new phase in its three-year partnership with San Francisco comedy syndicators Rooftop Media, including regular online performance clips and comedy album sales.

“No money is changing hands, it is simply a three way trade of content for tangible benefits,” says Lincoln Lodge producer Mark Geary.

“Rooftop gets content for its site and builds relationships with emerging comedians through us,” Geary continues. We (The Lincoln Lodge) get to have a central repository for our show clips on a dedicated comedy website for minimal resource outlay. The up-and-coming comic gets to reach a wider audience (both fans and industry) and has a high quality production recording of themselves for release.”

Rooftop, which posts video content from 18 comedy clubs across the English-speaking world, approached Geary three years ago to begin supplying performance clips from Lincoln Lodge shows. This happened sporadically at first, with Geary uploading files, then later mailing hard drives. Now Rooftop has supplied Geary with hardware to record content to a laptop that Rooftop accesses remotely, edits and publishes. They plan to begin carrying video from all Lincoln Lodge shows.