STORY’S executive producer Cliff Grant is working on commercials for a new “TV Land” cable series

WHO HE IS: He’s one of two executive producers at STORY production company, boasting a roster of top directors and producing spots for top agencies around the country.

WHAT HE DOES: Entertains clients who include just about every company imaginable. “You name it, we’ve worked with them. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.”

PROS: “Did I mention I’m an executive producer?”

CONS: “Gaining weight from all the eating, drinking and entertaining I do.”

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Shooting 30-second national spots for a new, original television show, whose name can’t be revealed yet, that’s slated to air this fall on TV Land cable network.

MOST MEMORABLE PROJECT: “Making a cow fly before there was green screen.”

BIG BREAK: “Throwing a certain actor/comedian (initials E.M.) out of my car back when I was a chauffeur. Most people have heard the story but you have to work with me to hear it.”

HEADACHES: “Never get them. I always have a bottle of Excedrin near me.”

KEY TO SUCCESS: “Learn to tell a good story.”

BACKSTORY: After earning his BFA from Columbia College, Grant, a North Sider, freelanced as a assistant and coordinator for local spot houses.

Later he worked as a coordinator for UPM Tom Busch for a year and freelanced for a year coordinating Sears commercials at Genesis Creative Group.

Before joining STORY in 2005, Grant earlier was its production manager four years, followed by a year as producer with director Dennis Manarchy before he started his own production houses, Industry Pictures, and later, Steel Canyon.

After that, he freelanced as a line producer on Bunim-Murray Productions’ “Starting Over” reality show that ran on NBC for two years. He won an Emmy for a 2004 show.

When STORY executive producer Mark Androw invited Grant to rejoin him as executive producer, Grant says, “It was like a dream come true!”

ON THE SIDE: “I drink scotch and smoke Pall Malls.”

WHAT COULD CHICAGO USE: “Sunny, warm days all year round.”

ULTIMATE GOAL: “To knock off Mark Androw. To continue our success at STORY by keeping our directors busy shooting spots and finding and creating new media opportunities for them.”

WORDS OF ADVICE: “It’s a little bit of luck, being in the right place at the right time and a lot of hard work. Enjoy what you do or you’ll wind up having a miserable life.”

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