STORY transitions into The Whole Story

Since the city’s big commercial post houses have been adding content production to their services, it was inevitable that big production houses would bring editorial into theirs.

Throughout the past few months, STORY, Chicago’s biggest production company, has assembled a group of noted local and L.A. editors and designers as part of full-service The Whole Story.

In addition to its core strength of STORY’S 12 nationally-known directors, The Whole Story offers creative editorial, digital services and new media, through offices in Chicago, New York and Santa Monica.

“It seems to be a successful formula,” notes Mark Androw, Story’s executive producer/partner. “Agencies like the new system, the return to the days of the full-service company, where we coordinate all aspects of a project from start-to-finish and pass along the cost efficiencies to our clients.”

The new in-house editorial service is comprised of a half-dozen veteran independent editors, who are now available through The Whole Story. They are Brian Clark, Gail Gilbert, Erick Horowitz, Phil Lee, Cara Meiselman, and Christopher Willoughby.

It also offers the talents of visual effects artist Chris Ryan from Chaos Studios and web designer Aarik Evanson.