STORY’S McDonald’s spot airs throughout Olympic Games

McDonald’s “better” Chicken McNugget spot

Airing throughout NBC’s 2016 Rio Olympics coverage is McDonald’s new 60-second “better” Chicken McNugget spot, promoting the fast food chain’s decision to remove all artificial preserves from its Chicken McNuggets.

In the split screen depiction, a young boy (Zachary Rifkin)in the left screen growing up in the ‘80s interacts with a young girl (Echo Campbell) of the in present on the right screen, set to a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” sung by Iron and Wine.

The boy shares some of his favorite things with the girl, a video game controller, his bike and dog, ending with him handing her a Chicken McNugget. “We all want what’s best for our kids,” says the narrator, as the screen shifts to her side as her Dad (Chad Donella) slides into the frame with a box of McNuggets.

The narrator continues, “Introducing McDonald’s new Chicken McNuggets, now being made with 100 percent white meat chicken, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.”

“We shot the spot with an LA cast and crew in LA over two days in early April, including shooting on sets we built at the McDonald’s shooting store in City of Industry, Calif. and on location,” says STORY’s Mark Androw who was the spot’s EP with Cliff Grant.

Marsie Wallach produced for STORY and Mary Langenfeld was head of production. Editorial by Cutters’ editor Jacob Kuehl; and EP was Megan Dahlman; Wendy Umanzor and Neal Cohen produced. Comma’s Bonny Dolan negotiated song rights.

Leo Burnett credits: John Hansa, EVP/CD; Rob Calabro, CD/copywriter; Ben Steward, CD/AD; Denis Giroux, SVP/Executive Producer; Beth Dolnick, senior producer.