Stone Road’s 500th production is coming up

After seven years in business, producer/director Charlie Stone’s multimedia/video company “that’s been growing under the radar in Chicago” is approaching its 500th production: a PSA for a healthcare campaign featuring Tina Fey.

About 65% of Stone Road’s business comes from healthcare and pharmaceuticals clientele, of which 80% comes from clients outside of Chicago. For Stone, that means a great deal of travel.

Some of it is easy, like driving down to Indianapolis to visit client Eli Lilley. Other trips are more far-flung, such as Paris last December, when the Stone team shot scenes for an A.C. Neilsen promotional video.

A current health-related campaign is being shot in five cities for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, with Tina Fey as its spokesperson. The campaign will create awareness for the Society’s Night Walk 2010, and for its Pennies for Patients program.