Steven Spielberg to shape DNC in Chicago

Biden Spielberg

As preparations for the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago gather momentum, the Biden campaign has enlisted the expertise of acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg to help shape the event’s narrative and strategy.

Spielberg’s involvement, confirmed by sources close to the campaign and reported by Puck, underscores the campaign’s commitment to effectively conveying President Biden’s vision for a second term.

A longtime supporter of President Biden, Spielberg’s involvement in the campaign comes as no surprise, given his close relationship with Biden’s friend and former DreamWorks business partner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, who now serves as a chair of the Biden campaign.

In recent months, Spielberg has participated in strategy sessions aimed at crafting a compelling narrative that highlights Biden’s accomplishments and outlines his vision for the future as he prepares for a November rematch with former President Donald Trump.

Spielberg’s contributions to the convention planning process are expected to draw on his extensive experience in storytelling and narrative framing, ensuring that the event effectively communicates Biden’s message to voters.

While his involvement in the 2020 convention primarily focused on virtual aspects due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his role in the upcoming convention signals a renewed emphasis on in-person engagement.

Despite his filmmaking career, Spielberg’s involvement in the convention does not currently include plans for a film portion, although he previously produced a film for President Obama’s campaign in 2008. Instead, Spielberg’s focus will be on advising the campaign on how best to convey Biden’s story and policy agenda to a diverse audience of voters.


Spielberg’s commitment to supporting President Biden extends beyond his involvement in campaign activities. In December, Spielberg participated in a fundraising event in Los Angeles, helping to bolster Biden’s campaign war chest with an additional $15 million.

As Spielberg lends his expertise to the Biden campaign, the collaboration underscores the campaign’s efforts to leverage nontraditional avenues and engage voters through compelling storytelling and strategic messaging.

With the convention serving as a pivotal moment in the campaign, Spielberg’s insights and guidance are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the narrative surrounding President Biden’s reelection bid.

The convention is scheduled to be held August 19–22, 2024.