Static Studios expands to new River West studio and puts more emphasis on film sound and music

Having built a strong base in sound for TV and radio spots, Static Studios is looking to return to its roots and film and music by expanding to customized space in River North.

“Commercials are our bread and butter, but film is what we love to do the most,” owner Steven Vandeven said.

“Our main goal is to get our foot in the door of as many agencies as we can that we haven’t worked with in the past,” continued Vandeven. “A close second is always to work on bigger and better films.

“We built the studio from the ground up to be more acoustic,” he said. “There are no parallel walls in the place. It’s designed for sound, whereas our old place was retrofitted.” Torchia was the designer and Synchrous CT the builder.

The new facility boasts two control rooms with a shared tracking room, the main control room 22 x 14 ft.

It has two Protools stations with RAM video, an HD3/192 setup, a ProControl edit pack and fully automated mixing control interface. There’s an in-house server with Zephyr and the capacity to record or transmit broadcast quality sound to and from a studio anywhere in the world.

Static producer Jeff Lopas is a composer and guitarist, and keyboard player, and Vandeven plays bass, drums and keyboard. “We want to get more serious with music composing for films and commercials,” Vandeven said.