State lawmaker targets film industry for reelection campaign contributions

Based on his House sponsorship of the state-legislated wage tax credit for the film industry, Rep. Ken Dunkin (D-5th) is targeting Hollywood and local film organizations for financial contributions to his November reelection campaign.

His campaign is seeking $5,000 each from local unions and guilds (DGA, SAG, 476, IPA, et al), and $1,000 minimum from L.A. studios and individuals who might benefit from his “film friendliness” in the Illinois legislature.

Few film companies, however, are located in Dunkin’s legislative district that stretches from North Ave. and Halsted on the north to 63rd and Cottage Grove on the south.

Dunkin was the bill’s chief co-sponsor with Rep. Angelo “Skip” Saviano, who originated the bill years earlier. Dunkin is credited with building the momentum support that pushed the bill out of committee and got it onto the books.

Leading Senate-side sponsors were Senate President Emil Jones and Sen. Ricky Hendon (D-5th).

A fund-raising cocktail reception will be held for Dunkin during the week of Oct. 18 in the law offices of attorney/lobbyist Howard J. Rosenburg.

Working on the fundraiser is Karon Hamlet, a former Park District employee and film novice who was hired as an accounting clerk on two major features that filmed in Chicago this summer.

Note: No Hollywood features are said to be on the horizon at this time, although a trickle of low-budget films is expected.