SRW Agency promotes Kate Weidner to CEO

SRW co-founders Brian Rolling, Kate Weidner & Charlie Stone

SRW co-founders Brian Rolling, Kate Weidner & Charlie Stone

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SRW, known in the CPG world as the go-to marketing agency to help natural, wellness and better-for-you brands catch fire, has a new CEO, and she doesn’t fit the profile of your average ad world exec.

A sharp former journalist and mom of two young kids, Kate Weidner, 36, will succeed partner, Charlie Stone, to position the next generation of SRW’s ‘rag-tag bunch of Hooligans’ for the next phase of growth.

“Serving as CEO of SRW over the last four years has been a true honor. As we prepare for 2020 and beyond, I am pleased to announce that co-founder Kate Weidner will become CEO effective October 1, 2019,” said Stone. “Kate is a visionary leader–collaborative, wicked smart, a relentless client advocate. Hooligan nation will be well served by her immense talents.”

Stone will remain Chairman of SRW, focusing primarily upon strategic partnerships and positioning the agency for long-term growth through client relations and equity investments.

“We have a goal to make SRW the number one agency for better-for-your brands, and a plan to make it happen,” commented Kate Weidner. “I’m eager to step into the CEO role now, to focus my efforts on continuing to apply that vision across our agency, for our people and our partners.”

Kate Weidner
Kate Weidner

Over the last four years, Weidner has served SRW as its COO, Account Lead and Chief Strategist, where she was instrumental in growing many startups into nationally known wellness brands – while also growing her own family. Prior to SRW, Weidner, a Medill trained journalist, honed her skills at NBC-Comcast and led production at Frequency540, which was acquired by Leo Burnett.

“I’ve uncovered a personal passion for working with wellness entrepreneurs and natural brand leaders to help grow their businesses into household names,” Weidner continued. “I am squarely focused on ensuring those success stories continue.”

The company has much to celebrate alongside Weidner’s announcement, as fellow hooligan Ed Velasco was promoted to Director of Agency Operations and Bennett Dixon named Vice President of Accounts.

Weidner banded together with co-founders Charlie Stone and Brian Rolling in 2016 after deciding to ‘quit advertising’ to start an agency that focused on doing great work with and for great people – with less red tape. The partners set a mission to differentiate themselves, their work and culture from the rest — and it turns out they were on to something. Over the past few months alone, SRW has partnered with multiple global brands, including Calbee North America, the makers of Harvest Snaps, Tolerant Pasta, and tennis pro, Venus Williams’ self-care brand, Asutra.

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