Springboard produces Lollapalozza for YouTube stream

Eminem headlines Lollapalooza Aug. 5-9

Cursing your luck because you didn’t order your Lollapalooza tickets soon enough and now it’s a sell out?  No worries.  Haul out the beer and watch the concerts on YouTube in the air-conditioned comfort of your home.

All the video content for YouTube’s live streams of the sold-out 20th anniversary Aug. 5-7 concert at Grant Park will be produced by Grammy-winning producer Hank Neuberger’s Springboard Productions, for Austin, Texas-based C3 Presents.

Dell and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will sponsor the streaming.

The eight hours of live streaming for YouTube will be fed by Trio Video’s on-site mobile television units, its big Tango HD truck and two smaller B-unit support trucks, engineering crew and equipment.

There will be two daily feeds.  One will focus on live content and performances, and the other on backstage content, including interviews and a behind-the-scenes look at the action. 

In addition, “We will capture performances on three of the four stages, from north to south, distribute it throughout Grant Park to VIP sponsored tents and various lounges, and to Imax screens on the back of the stage,” says Eddie Sheridan, Trio Video’s technical manager.

Trio Video also will provide DVDs for the bands. This year’s lineup features such big names as Eminem, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Deadmau5, Cee Lo Green and The Cars, among others.

Interactivity with Facebook and Twitter will also be integrated. Videos will remain on YouTube for four weeks after the festivals.

“A Lollapalooza Week on YouTube” will promote the event, with behind-the-scenes footage, teaser videos, new content from bands and special messages from artists.

“Be a voyeur to this year’s Lollapalooza,” invites C3 founder Perry Farrell.  “Watch as musicians offer their souls and the crowd devours them. You just may forget that you aren’t really there.”

Four-year old Austin, Texas-based C3 Presents –- the U.S.’ third largest concert producers –- also produced the Austin City Limits Music Festival, running Sept. 16-18 in the Texas capital, and also books and promotes more than 1,000 shows nationwide.

Springboard Productions, specialists in digital music production and Trio Video, the Midwest’s leading mobile TV production company operating nationally, have worked for C3 on both big concerts for the past five years.

Chicago music veteran Neuberger has headed Springboard Productions since 2007.  He ran Chicago Recording Company for 25 years and has been a broadcast audio supervisor for the annual Grammy Awards for the past 24 years. His company also produces more than 200 hours of live video/video for Bonnaroo and Coachella concerts.