Spotlight on a new crew payment service

New Spotlight Crew payroll service started off auspiciously last month when it was hired to handle payment for the massive crew covering Barack Obama’s historic speech at Grant Park.

Spotlight Crew, Inc. is the new division of Tim Hale’s 9-year old Spotlight Business Affairs, Inc. the U.S.’ second biggest talent payment and business affairs company with offices in other cities.

Heading the new division is Crew Services director John Kramer, who with his wife, were Hale’s first employees when he started the company in 2000.

Some of its Spotlight Crew clients have included the Nov. 10 Detroit Auto Show through TeleVideo Studios in Detroit, and the Skycam crew covering the Detroit Lions game on Thanksgiving. Upcoming is a weekly TV boxing show for Spanish television.

Kramer anticipates steady growth from film production once the 30% tax incentives kick in and the new division becomes known.

Staff expertise is shared between the two companies. Spotlight employs 44; the 13 Chicago staffer handle all accounting and payroll. There’s a New York office and staff; satellite offices in Santa Monica, Las Vegas and Miami are used primarily for talent payments.