Spike’s “Chiraq” to open Dec. 4; see the trailer here

Samuel L. Jackson on the “Chiraq” set

A movie trailer of Spike Lee’s satirical “Chiraq” is part of the announcement that Amazon Studios’ first feature film will have a limited release Dec. 4.

The early December date allows “Chiraq” to qualify for an Oscar nomination. The film, however, will officially open in multiplexes early in 2016 and quickly thereafter will be made available to Amazon Prime customers.

“Chiraq” has been front page national news since it arrived at Cinespace last June to film in Englewood and other South and West Side neighborhoods.

It’s widely known that the movie is anti-gun violence; has a lot of music in it; is a take-off on the ancient Greek comedy about wives who withheld sex to keep their guys from going to war, and how City Council members got their shorts in a bunch over the film’s title, which they felt damaged the reputation of the city that painfully has experienced 2,587 shootings reported as of today.

So all that remains to be said about the film is, we wish the best of luck to Spike and his stellar cast and crew and hope they come back here soon.

Oh – and watch the trailer.