SPANK! Music scores White Castle/JWT spots

The White Castle chain gets top quality treatment in a trio of comedy commercials with music provided by Spank! and edited by Bob Carr of Red Car for JWT-Detroit and directed by Lloyd Stein of Headquarters.

SPANK’S Matt Morse scored “Nirvana” (pictured here) and Greg Allan scored the two others.

In “Nirvana,” SPANK sound design created “the peaceful outdoors,” where a meditation group chants. The freaky group leader invites all to the “Plane of Eternal Bliss,” somewhere up in the clouds. The “Plane” is scored with vibey, ethereal musical textures.

The floating group is surprised and pleased to find someone already there, bobbing in the blissful ether?a regular Joe in his easy chair, enjoying his sack of White Castle chicken sandwiches and oblivious to the Group mindset.

SPANK’s Ken Kolasny was executive producer, Rick Fritz engineered. For JWT, Tom Robertson and Carole Gall produced; CDs were Joe Fago, Patty Gray, Karen Castle and Larry Hyde.

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