Sorry Italy, Greek pizza rules at Artopolis,
a gem of a bakery/restaurant in Greektown

What filmmakers love best while on location is seeking out those amazing, offbeat restaurants and cafes. It so happens that Chicago offers lots of unexplored territory for the dining adventurer. Foodie filmmaker Misty Tosh helps you discover some of them in this new column.

The best pizza I’d ever tasted was hand-slung by a chain-smoking Frenchman in a tiny village on the outskirts of Paris?until I was introduced to Greek-style pizza at bakery/restaurant Artopolis, 306 S. Halsted, 312/559-9000.

The main feature of Artopolis (it means “bread town”) is a beautiful wood-burning oven in he exposed kitchen where hundreds of wood-fired pizzas pour out every day.

When my favorite margherita pizza arrived, it looked just like any standard pie. But after just one bite my mouth literally fell open with surprise.