Sonixphere’s original score adds humor to DDB spots

Scene from La Quinta’s “Glasses” spot

Sonixphere created an original orchestral score highlighting the humor in La Quinta hotel chain’s new two-spot campaign, “Win@Business,” from DDB Chicago, giving the LaQuinta mnemonic a symphonic makeover.

The character-driven spots feature company guys who aim to win at business by rehearsing their plan of attack the night before in their La Quinta rooms.

Under the supervision of DDB SVP/GCDs Barry Burdiak and John Hayes and CDs Tim Green and Bart Culberson, the two 30s were directed by Brian Billow of New York-based O Positive, LLC, and edited by The Whitehouse’s Dave Cea.

“The creative brief was to write something ceremonial and orchestral to help tell the story and punch up twists and transitions in the plots,” says Sonixphere’s CEO/CD Greg Allan. “A lot happens in just 30 seconds, so we scored the spots with peaks and valleys and builds to move things along, going into a majestic feel when both guys succeed at impressing their peers.”

During the meeting, in “Glasses,” the businessman rolls out all the moves that he’d rehearsed the night before with his glasses, the “wand of business wizardry,” awing his colleagues and raising his profile from “invisible to invincible.”

In Slide, bored colleagues sit around the conference table doing other things during a slide presentation, until a guy pipes up asking the presenter if he can “go back a slide.”

The attendees freak out as the voiceover says, “Those simple four words have tossed a mind grenade” into their dulled senses, making them wonder what they missed.

Both spots end with the campaign theme and tag: “Book your room at La Quinta so you can prepare to win at business.”

DDB Chicago credits: SVP/GCDs: Barry Burdiak, John Hayes; VP/EP, Scott Kemper; CDs, Tim Green, Bart Culberson; producer, Ashley Geisheker.

O Positive: Director, Brian Billow, EPs, Marc Grill, Ralph Laucella, Ken Licata.

Postproduction: The Whitehouse, editor, Dave Cea; EP, Kristen Branstetter; producer, Lauren Connolly.