SolidLine Media grows with corporate, doc work, doubles facility size

SolidLine Media’s Edward Boe and EP Greg Vass on an ASUG shoot

Just in time for their 10th anniversary this August, full service video production company SolidLine Media is moving its office a half mile north to a Loop penthouse nearly twice the size of their current space.

SolidLine moves from their current 2,200 sq. ft. office at 209 W. Jackson Blvd., where they’ve been for six years, to occupy the entire 4,000 sq. ft. 12th floor at 180 W. Washington St.

The new space will feature “a more creative-oriented working environment,” executive producer Greg Vass says. It has brainstorming areas, an interview and green screen room, four Avid suites, a dedicated art department studio, production office and administrative offices.

SolidLine has staff of six full-time staffers and two interns.  

“We are excited about the new environment,” Vass says.  “The business is growing and the additional space will give our crew a more productive work environment, and a better experience for our clients as well.”

Forty percent of SolidLine’s business is in high-end corporate promotional or education productions, 40% for associations, and 30% documentaries, their main growth area.   

“Documentary work really is a big push for SolidLine right now,” Vass says.  In development are documentaries, on patient safety and natural health.

SolidLine has clients in 34 states and four countries.  Their production crew is on the road 125 days a year and travel is free for clients. 

Solidline's 50-ft. production truckThe company has a 50-ft. mobile production truck that’s two-thirds living quarters and one-third gear.  

“The crew lives there and can essentially do anything we can do from the office from the road, so productivity is high even when traveling.”

Solidline currently is in production on 19 shoots, including a global marketing video for APL and APL Logistics, container transport and supply chain services companies, to be shot  in Shanghai, Phoenix, Seattle, and the Port of Los Angeles.

Also in production is a 20-week series of online videos to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the enterprise software business association, Americas’ SAP Users Group.  

Commenting on the company’s 10 years in business, Vass says, “Our journey has been a great trek through the good and bad, the ups and downs, but really it’s our amazing staff, and our clients who make SolidLine what we are today.

“It’s a sense of pride I get coming in here and knowing how much everyone cares about putting out a great product and building this business,” Vass continues.

“Every day is so different.  One day I am in the office sitting in on editing or making sales calls and the next I am rigging a camera hanging from a crane and the next we are in a helicopter heading into remote filming locations… It really is a cool job.  I can never take enough pictures.”