Social Media reacts to Jenny “Milk” leaving Fox 32

Jenny Milkowski posted the above image on her Instagram account

Jenny Milkowski posted the above image on her Instagram account

Fox 32 made a stupid move. Not my words, although I would fall on that side of the fence, but the response of a Jenny Milkowski fan after learning that the Emmy-winning traffic reporter “abruptly” departed the station last Friday.

In her own statement, Milkowski, the #1 digital talent in Chicago according to sharerocket, wrote the following:

“Fox told me abruptly Friday they are ‘going in a different direction’ and that ‘it was nothing personal’ … they wanted someone who is a ‘more serious’ traffic anchor. I’m not entirely sure what that means, since I am very serious about traffic reporting and the impact of traffic on Chicago area drivers. Yet, I have no hard feelings toward Fox and I wish the station the very best as it makes changes.”

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It was announced yesterday that Michelle Alegria, who was with ABC-owned WLS-Channel 7, will take over as traffic reporter for “Good Day Chicago.” While the choice may have been popular at Fox, social media ain’t having it.

Hundreds of fans were shocked, angry and sad at the announcement. The posts on Milkowski’s Facebook and Instagram accounts show how beloved she really is, making Fox 32’s decision even more of a head scratcher.

Some of the choice ones:

“Ack… sorry to learn of the news. But I know you’ll kick ass in your next opportunity just the same.” – Patrick Scott Patterson

“Just caught up with the fact that Fox 32 made a stupid move and let you go. You’re the reason I would watch the news! Wishing you the best in your future endeavors, fellow cat mom, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!” – Savannah Trischler

“You will always be one of my favorite Chicago TV personalities! And my friend. This is the headshot photo you sent me because of my support for you when you were in Dancing With Chicago Celebrities.” – Tracy L. Bellows

“News is boring without Jenny Milkowski. I guess there’s always WGN.” – Scott Neill

“Michelle Alegria is no Jenny Milkowski” – Ed Rodriguez

“We’ve switched to WGN for morning news at the firehouse in protest. We want Milk Back!!! – dujohn4

“Letting Jenny Milkowski go to get someone ‘more serious’? Seriously? No one wants more serious in the morning. I mean, treat your job serious, which she did, but have fun with it. Which she did. Bad move.” – Vincenzo Kely

“She’s leaving? That’s too bad. I liked her. Polish women r the best.” – Edwina Zielinski Binotti

“Been out of the loop with news this past week. I turned it on this morning and didn’t see you and I looked on your page and Bam!! Wow shocked.” – Mike Green

That is just a sampling of the hundreds of reactions from Chicago viewers.

Jenny and her cat
Jenny and her cat

I only recently became aware of the entire “Milk” persona because I live in LA, but after stumbling upon her Instagram account and Facebook profile, I found her funny, approachable and genuine. I think that’s what her fans see in her as well, whether it is a traffic report, a behind-the-scenes look at the news or goofy pictures with her cat.

Reel Chicago reached out to Fox 32 for a statement. They did not return our request.

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