Shanley heads new transmedia resource Picnic

Detroit’s RingSide Creative (RSCP), owned by Cutters’ Tim McGuire and industry executive Steve Wild, launched Picnic.

“Picnic will be able to utilize all of our collective talent and resources available in our Chicago, Detroit and Santa Monica office, and RingSide has the developers that can integrate and take the work to the next level,” says Craig Duncan, Cutters’ executive producer. 

Jim Shanley, Picnic EVP/integrated services Picnic is led by Jim Shanley, EVP/ integrated services, who spent his career delivering immersive interactive experiences for global brands.  He joined RingSide Creative from Grace & Wild, where he had cofounded Emerge, a G&W media properties solutions division, with Steve Wild.

L.A.-based Chris Greenleaf joined Picnic as executive producer/client strategy.  Previously, he was with GoTV Networks, where he launched its branded content divisions and produced for leading national advertisers. 

L.A. based EP/creative strategy Chris GreenleafGreenleaf also created, developed and was an executive producer for NBC, CBS MTV and other networks.  While at Comedy Central, he was instrumental in the start-up of the “South Park” animated series. 

Cutters Detroit, which shares space in the RingSide building in Oak Park, a Detroit suburb, has completed construction of its four edit suites.  Its newest editor is Kevin O’Brien, from Kinetics, who is currently editing a spot for
Buick/Leo Burnett/Detroit.

An open house will be held in early October to introduce Cutter Detroit and Picnic facilities and staff to Detroit agencies.