McD’s “Shake Sauce” is a sweet new way to dip

McDonald's new "Shake Sauce"

McDonald’s new “Shake Sauce”

Besides enjoying
the tasty trio of
McDonald’s customers
have also been
helping to promote
them online

McDonald’s has combined menu innovation with customer dedication to create three new dipping condiments that diners have been craving for years

Beginning April 1, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry “Shake Sauce” is available at every McDonald’s restaurant in generous 12 oz. helpings.

Besides enjoying the taste, McDonald’s customers have also been helping to promote the trio of mealtime accouterments online.

By posting examples of the savory complement on everything from the world famous Fries to Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, they have launched an organic, crowd-sourced push that ultimately helped the DIY sweetness go legit.

McDonald’s and Chicago advertising agency We Are Unlimited are enhancing the flavor with a meta social activation that further blurs the lines between reality and marketing: for one day only, McDonald’s Twitter and Instagram profiles will feature “Shake Sauce” content.

Lucky customers can order “Shake Sauce” directly off the menu and keep dipping it old-school.

Also, Happy April Fools Day.

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