September: Chicago Convergence Month

“September:The Chicago Convergence Month” offers the riches of many industr-related events to TCC’s 2,600 members, as a scaled-down Summit originally planned for Sept. 21-23.

“In the next two weeks TCC will aggressively encourage our members to go out and be involved at partner-activities,” said TCC president Bruce Montgomery.

“We have designated close to 20 events taking place that our members should enjoy,” he said.

In addition, TCC will produce what Montgomery calls “a two day immersion experience featuring the networking, talks, and performances that represent the best of Chicago’s digital media community.”

The schedule of September events is being Emailed to members and will be available on TCC’s website.

TCC is undergoing a massive restructuring in order “to grow a more robust digital community and expand jobs and opportunities,” said Montgomery, who succeeded founder John Patterson of Pixel Brothers when he relocated to Los Angeles earlier this year.