Sept. 15 IPA party to express thanks to 3 state legislators for championing film tax incentives

Three Illinois state legislators, who have been champions of the Illinois filmmakers tax incentives since the beginning, will be honored at a special reception hosted by the board of the Illinois Production Alliance.

Open to all in the film industry, the party will be held Monday, Sept. 15 at Resolution Digital Studios, 5:30-7 p.m.

The IPA board says the event serves as a way to thank Sen. Rickey Hendon and Reps. Ken Dunkin and Skip Saviano for their staunch support of the Illinois Film Production Services Tax Credit Act, since it was first introduced in 2004.

As a direct result of their sponsorship of the tax credit, in 2007 revenues from production hit a record high of $155 million, rebounding from a low of pre-incentivized $25 million in 2003.

With increasing, aggressive pursuit of film production by other states, including Illinois neighbors Michigan and Wisconsin, maintaining ? and possibly increasing ? the tax credit program is imperative for the livelihood of all who work in production.

What the three sponsors can help accomplish, notes the IPA board, is to make sure the 2009 tax extension is not caught in the deadlock delaying many other legislative issues.

As part of its appreciation night, the IPA board will present Hendon, Dunkin and Saviano with contributions and suggests that guests also may wish to make a voluntary donation.

Recommended minimum donation for a company or organization is $300 ($100 per legislator) and any amount from an individual. These donations will be bundled with the IPA contributions and presented to the three legislators at the event.

Checks should be made payable to Friends of Ken Dunkin, Friends of Saviano and Committee to Elect Rickey Hendon.

Contributions may be brought to the event or mailed to Sally Fletcher, IPA treasurer, Fletcher Chicago, 1000 N. North Branch, Chicago 60642.

For additional information, phone Fletcher at 312/ 932-2700, or Email

Co-chairs of the appreciation party are Mark Androw and Dan Moore; committee members are IPA president Lars Ullberg, Betsy Steinberg, Sally Fletcher, Zoe Borys, Beth Redfearn, Grace McPhillps, Eileen Willenborg and Sharon King.

RDS is located at 2226 W. Walnut. The event, with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, is free to IPA members and guests, and $20 for non-members, who are welcome to join IPA at this time.

All proceeds from the reception will benefit IPA’s Legislative Committee. Springfield lobbyists who work on behalf of the film industry are solely maintained and paid by the IPA, the only state film organization to do so.