Selz wraps post on second HD horror feature as debut screamer hits stores

With his first horror movie “Short Cut Road” in stores, Marc Selz is in the final weeks of post on his follow-up, “Unaware.”

The HD “Unaware” is a step up from the no-budget “Short Cut Road,” which Selz shot himself on DV in Long Grove in 2000.

Selz made the teen slasher-escaped mental patient genre piece “Unaware” last fall in Galena, East Dubuque, Elizabeth and at the prison in Thompson. He raised the under-$1 million budget from family and friends.

“I considered ?Short Cut Road’ my student piece, I was surprised when Sub Rosa was impressed enough to put it out,” Selz said. “We put a lot more into ?Unaware,’ and I’d like to get a theatrical release this time.”

“Unaware” features an ensemble that includes Martin Sheen’s brother Joe Estevez, Robert Z’dar (“Tango and Cash”), scream queen Linnea Quiqley (“Return of the Living Dead”), Amy Brown and Ellie Weingardt.

Bradley Greer cut at Miami’s Cineworks, where effects work is ongoing. Post audio is underway at local 35th Street Studios, owned by Selz’ cousin John Kowalick. “Short Cut Road” composer Karl Sundstrom is scoring there. Selz expected to wrap post-production by early spring and find a producer’s rep to craft a festival and distribution strategy.

Selz grew up making Super 8 horror and sci-fi films. He attended Columbia College, then worked for ten years in his father’s embroidery business before resolving to return to filmmaking. After wrapping “Short Cut Road” he moved to Orlando to study makeup and effects at the Joe Brasco School.

Kevin Collins of Brooklyn’s One Shot Productions signed on as producer after “Short Cut Road” was completed, and finally sold the film to horror specialty outlet Sub Rosa, which is distributing to the home video market.

Selz is at work on the script for his third feature, a psychological thriller. “I’d like to have three horror films to my name, then move on to a different genre,” he said. “Part of me wants to remake ?Short Cut Road’ on a bigger budget ? it’s my baby.”

Selz wrote “Unaware” with his wife Claudia Selz. Bob Farster executive produced. DP Joe Farris and gaffer Jeremy Christen are from Visions of Light. Tom Beach did sound. Makeup by Vanessa Fernandez.

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