Scott Smith closes downtown studio

Soft business, the shortage of features and concerts that were his core business, caused the shuttering of Scott Smith’s Chicago Audio Works at The Media Center, 676 N. LaSalle St. Smith, a leading location recordist, has moved the operation to his home.

Chicago Audio Works did an extensive amount of audio work for telecine operations. It handled audio restoration and archival work in a large variety of both analog and digital formats, and had the capability to transfer any film audio format, optical or magnetic, from 16mm mono to 35mm 6-track. Smith’s smaller operation will continue to provide these services.

Chicago Audio Works had occupied the entire second floor of The Media Center for five years. Two music companies — Ken Hale’s What the Hale Music, and Ron Steele, Jr.’s I Dig Music ?- have moved into part of the space.

Still remaining in the space and available for rental is the custom-built 49-seat screening room, considered to be one of the best in the country.

Media Center space rentals are being handled by Julie Van Baerle, a former JWT-L.A. producer. Phone, 312/266-9457. Smith’s phone is 312/337-8282.