SAXX’s “ballsy” campaign seeks upgrades for men


Yes, we know we just awarded REEL AD OF THE WEEK to Chicago’s Quality Meats and their client SAXX premium underwear. And we are doing it again because the work is, as always remarkably bold, funny, insightful and well… “ballsy.”

The new campaign is a bold piece of creative aimed at raising brand awareness and an extension of the successful “How A Gentleman Treats His Balls” platform, originally launched in 2022.

The campaign features four new ads that creatively encourage men to rethink their underwear choices. Each ad humorously compares SAXX’s innovative ball-comforting technology to luxury experiences, such as “a roomy cozy seat in first class,” “a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious university with top-notch amenities,” “your own private ballroom,” and “a luxurious private jet with its own fancy cockpit.”

A new campaign spokesperson, dubbed the “Gentlewoman,” (I am obsessed with her) directly addresses the camera, offering witty advice on ballcare to SAXX-clad gentlemen around her. Watch below:


“The goal is to make more guys – and those who love them – question their underwear habits, and realize that both they, and their balls, deserve better,” says Shawna Olsten, VP Brand Marketing at SAXX.

SAXX, the creator of the pouch underwear category, boasts a fiercely loyal customer base. The brand sells 10 pairs of underwear each minute, with a 93% customer repurchase intent. Since the pre-pandemic period, SAXX has grown three times faster than the premium underwear market, solidifying its reputation for delivering superior comfort and quality.

The new campaign will be featured on connected TV (CTV) and streaming platforms, as well as across social media and digital channels. Through these mediums, SAXX aims to reach a wider audience, spreading the message that every man deserves the best in ball support and comfort.


BRAND: SAXX Premium Underwear

AGENCY: Quality Meats

  • Chief Creative Officers: Brian Siedband & Gordy Sang
  • Creative Directors: Jamie Stark & Maxx Delaney
  • Head of Production:  Autumn Childress
  • Executive Producer: Cate McManus
  • Group Account Director: Celeste Toffanello
  • Account Supervisor: Meredith Metzl


  • Owner, Executive Producer: Ben Mahoney
  • Director:  Adam Moorman
  • DP: Jon Hamblin


  • Editor:  Evan Cuttler Wattles
  • Sound Design & Mix: Tom Haigh
  • Colorist/Online Editor: Sarah London
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