SAXX “Ball Masters” won’t let bad balls get in the way of good golf


The beloved “Ball Masters” are back in action, ready to bring laughter, philanthropy, and unparalleled ball-care expertise via SAXX underwear to the golfing world once again.

Formed during last year’s golf season, the original quartet of professional caddies — Geno Bonnalie, Aaron Flener, John Limanti, and Joel Stock — welcomes a new member into their ranks: John Ellis, the reigning champion caddie of the 2023 United States golf championship held in Los Angeles.

Following the resounding success of their debut campaign, SAXX has teamed up with the Ball Masters for another year of comedy and goodwill, with a strong focus on ball-care—both on and off the green.

The spotlight of the campaign is the custom-built golf buggy, dubbed the SAXX Ball Refreshment Cart. Aaron Flener describes it as “a state-of-the-art, size-of-a-cart ball utopia” equipped with everything necessary to keep golf balls in top condition.

The Ball Masters rescue golfers from the perils of using improper equipment (i.e., underwear) on the course. Geno Bonnalie encourages each golfer to swap out their current underwear for a pair of SAXX, emphasizing that the “BallPark Pouch™ is like having a professional caddie in your bag.” Watch below:


Shawna Olsten, VP Brand Marketing at SAXX, expressed delight in the return of the Ball Masters, highlighting the undeniable connection between SAXX underwear and the meticulous care caddies provide to golf balls. She noted, “It’s impossible to ignore the connection between how SAXX underwear and caddies care for balls. But the best part of this partnership is showcasing the hidden heroes that support golfers – just like the BallPark Pouch supports men.”

In collaboration with Quality Meats and BMP Film Co., the Ball Masters will also star in a series of new digital ads.

Building on their philanthropic efforts from the previous year, where they raised $10,000 for the Testicular Cancer Foundation, SAXX pledges continued support for men’s health causes. For every birdie made by the caddies’ players throughout the remainder of the golf season, SAXX will donate $1001 to the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

With their unique blend of humor, expertise, and charitable spirit, the Ball Masters are poised to make a lasting impact on and off the golf course once again, making them The Reel Chicago Reel Ad of the Week.