SAG’S Nov. 9 meeting will explain IAC’s General Services Agreement to IAC clients, SAG members

Screen Actors Guild will hold two special meetings Nov. 9 led by SAG’s L.A.-based Zino Macaluso, national director, agency relations.

The general educational seminar will revolve around the 22 issues inherent in Innovative Artists Chicago’s (IAC) General Service Agreement with SAG-member clients.

Macaluso said he will “put SAG members’ fears to rest about the GSA,” and discuss in general the change in the representational landscape in the city.

Unlike the dozen or so local SAG-franchised talent agencies whose clients are among the Guild’s stalwart 5,500 members, IAC belongs to non-SAG franchised Assn. of Talent Agencies (ATA).

Seventy-year old ATA was founded in Los Angeles to deal with the unique specifics of representing talent in the world’s entertainment capitals. The opening of New York branches of those agencies and others led to ATA’s formation in that city.

The only other cities outside of L.A. and New York with ATA-member agencies are San Francisco, Atlanta and now Chicago.

ATA’s GSA has more far-reaching and different clauses and provisions than most local actors have seen before, or at least since Chicago was home to ATA-member CED (now CESD). The L.A.-headquartered agency operated here for about a decade before closing in the early ?90s.

“We encourage SAG members and all performers to hear the differences between the franchised-SAG contract and the GSA which is outside of our jurisdiction,” Macaluso said.

Meeting times are 4:30 p.m. for IAC clients, and 6:30 for the general membership. A Q and A session will follow each 45-minute discussion.

The meeting will be held at the Guild’s Kaufherr Center, 1 E. Erie St.