S2 producing Public Schools’ newsmagazine show

“CPS RIGHT NOW,” a news magazine-style show about the people and activities of the Chicago Public Schools, is being directed and edited by S2’s John Anderson.

Two of the shows have aired on Chicago public access Ch. 49 Thursdays at 5 p.m. All seven shows will be completed by July.

Three topics are presented in each 30-minute show, and include interviews with students, teachers and parents and special events taking place within the schools.

Graphics were created by Elsie Ogelle and her team. Justin Mayer recorded sound and wrote the opening theme and some of the underscoring. Happily, assistant editor Vanessa Gonzalez auditioned for the voiceover role and won.

STEPPENWOLF FILMS’ FIRST FILM in its long-awaited program is a 17-minute short “Kubuku Rides,” directed by Steppenwolf member Terry Kinney.

Production collaboration was “a beautiful match,” says Midwest Kodak rep Erica Frederick, among Columbia College, whose students working on the short, film-provider Kodak, and I-Cubed.

Up-and-coming cinematographer Vanja Cernjul of New York shot in Super 16. Using I-Cubed’s exclusive digital intermediate workflow system, selected scenes were transferred to a hi-res 2K file and color corrected, titling, credit and audio were laid in, and it was output to film.

“Steppenwolf and Columbia College are natural resources of the city,” says Frederick, “and I hope they producer more films like this.”

A PORTABLE WORKSTATION for ADR work, sound effects gathering and original music composition is available through Pat Yacono’s Signal Hill audio company. “We can now bring the ADR studio to the talent, and the orchestra to the director,” he says.

The workstation is powered by a Macbook Pro, Digidesign ProTools, Logic Pro, VoiceQ ADR software, “and a boatload of the highest quality virtual instruments capable of producing the sound of a 60 piece orchestra,” Yacono says. “And it has a portable HD monitor for ADR cueing, and the crown jewel of ADR microphones, the Schoepps CMT-5/MK41.”