Roth-Galati ‘dream team’ are Company 3’s first hires

Colorist Tyler Roth

Colorist Tyler Roth and his assistant, Paul Galati, are the first hires of Company 3, the new Chicago branch of the international color and finishing specialists. Roth joined Company 3 from Optimus and Galati from Filmworkers Club at the end of August, when their customized, newly-installed Davinci Linux Resolve color corrector was up-and-running.

Earlier, Roth had spent four years at Filmworkers Club, where he had worked with Beast senior creative director/editor Angelo Valencia.  Roth at the time was an assistant colorist “and at a certain point I just wanted to work with him,” Valencia recalls.

“He was diligent, hard working, caring and always knocked it out of the park, and thereafter I brought all of my projects for him work on. I couldn’t be happier having him here,” says Valencia, who calls the Roth-Galati combo “the dream team.”

Roth’s resume includes work for McDonald’s, Walmart, KFC, Wrigley, Crystal Light, Foster sunglasses, among other. He’s also graded music videos and portrait pieces for R. Kelly, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and Andrew Bird.  He’s currently collaborating with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park on an upcoming feature. 

At Northwestern, Roth double-majored in film and animation technology and was the colorist on projects working their way through production at NU.  He also taught courses in color grading.  He had internships at The Whitehouse and Filmworkers, the latter transitioning to assistant and eventually into a chair.

Companies in 9,500-sq. ft. facility in Tribune Tower

New-to-Chicago arrivals Company 3 and Method visual effects in July joined sister company Beast editorial here, moving into a 9,500-sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility on the 22nd floor of the Tribune Tower.

Company 3 has a full-scale color bay and a second, fully calibrated, room with ‘virtual’ capabilities to allow clients the freedom and flexibility to work with any Company 3 colorist in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta or London.

Method has a hub of CG workstations, for compositing, finishing, CG and design and two suites for client-attended sessions.

Beast offers six edit/finish rooms.

The three companies are subsidiaries of L.A.-based Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, which acquired the companies within the past three years. A new concept for Deluxe was co-locating the trio of related post companies within one facility.

Managing director of the three companies is Melissa Thornley, who leads a staff of around 25, with the expectation, she says, of several new hires in the months ahead.