Rock’n’Roll true-life story shoots trailer mid-December to raise film funds

Angela Mullenhour of local rock group Sybris stars in the DV feature “Love Made Visible.”

Lisa Fisher was driving through Chicago in a Volkswagen bus in the summer of 2002 as camera operator for a cross-country reality show.

“The director had lost his job at Arthur Anderson and hired us to do this project, and it turned out he was a really heavy drinker,” Fisher recalled. “I couldn’t take the pressure of driving the whole way and him drinking all the time.”

The bus continued on to New York and the show is now in postproduction. Fisher quit the show and stayed in Chicago, fell in love with a rock guitarist, and produced a music video for his band.

This experience forms the core of Fisher’s debut feature “Love Made Visible,” the story of a videographer/musician who finds love and sacrifice in the Chicago rock scene. Fisher is shooting a trailer for the film for five days in mid-December in an effort to raise the five-figure budget she needs to complete the DV picture.

Angela Mullenhour, singer and guitarist for local rockers Sybris, stars with Sean Cahill. Anne Adametz is producing. First AD is Tom McDonough. The film is still looking for additional crew. Soundtrack includes Sybris and Seattle band Tregenza.

Fisher shot several scenes for “Love Made Visible” in January, playing the lead herself and working with a skeleton crew. “I planned to shoot the whole film at that time ? I didn’t really understand how many people I needed and how many details needed taking care of.” Fisher scrapped the January shoot and decided to seek financing to hire a full crew. Cahill stayed on from the initial shooting.

Fisher was associate producer during preproduction on the Patrick Swayze film “Camino Flamenco,” now shooting in Los Angeles. Fisher fronted her own rock band in L.A. and has directed and edited several music videos. She has a masters degree in chemistry from UCLA, where she also studied screenwriting.

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