Rocker Tim Kinsella approached debut feature “Orchard Vale” “as if it were the next record”

Avant-rocker Tim Kinsella sees his move into filmmaking, with his debut feature “Orchard Vale,” as a natural outgrowth of his musical evolution. “The totality of my life experience has been making records and playing music,” he said.

Kinsella made “Orchard Vale” on a shoestring budget last summer, mostly at a single location.

He shot using a combination of DV and extensive use of stop motion photography.

A longtime indie favorite, Kinsella founded the band Cap’N’Jazz while in high school, with collaborators including his brother Mike and Davey von Bohlen, who went on to launch the emo icons The Promise Ring.

He has continued to win critical acclaim and a growing cult following with ongoing work in bands Joan of Arc, Owen and Make Believe, often releasing on local Flameshovel Records.

“I realized I was starting to think of the records in terms of film making, whether in a directorial sense of getting the best out of many people that each may only have a small investment in a larger vision they may not even be able to see, or strictly in formal terms of density and space or a rhythm.

“I became obsessed with making a movie as if it were the next record.”

He gathered a small group of collaborators, mostly close friends, to comprise the cast and skeleton crew.

“Once all our wheels were revving, it was a simple matter of writing a script to match our means,” he said. “Five actors and an empty suburban apartment, so peak oil dystopian paranoia for the near future was an obvious and immediate choice.”