Robert Townsend praises Vagabond Audio’s work, putting it on a par with top L.A. sound studios

Feature producers who love shooting in Chicago, but routinely take their negatives back to L.A. for editing and finishing, might heed the high praise Robert Townsend heaped on a Chicago audio house.

Vagabond Audio, said Townsend, is on a level with many of the top West Coast sound companies he has worked with throughout his career.

Vagabond sound designer Drew Weir collaborated on the audio post with the filmmaking team “Of Boys and Men,” which Townsend produced last spring in Chicago in addition to playing a starring role.

“I have worked in Hollywood for many years now and have mixed at some of the best facilities on the West Coast, from George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound to Todd-AO,” he said.

“I feel that Vagabond is on par with those facilities. They created a unique sound design for my film like none other.”

Vagabond Audio handled everything related to post audio on this project, including sound design, dialogue clean-up, Foley, ADR and final mixing in 5.1 Surround Sound, noted sound designer Weir.