Rivera’s PrivilegedAccess.tv covers McCormick Place trade shows like a high quality news show

PrivilegedAccess.tv’s web-news coverage of the recent 2008 All Candy Expo at McCormick Place was so successful that pleased exhibitors gifted producer Kathy Rivera and crew with 150 lbs. of candy.

Rivera and her partners had created PrivilegedAccess.tv (PA.tv)as a web-based marketing and sales tool for trade show exhibitors and managers.

From this platform, they formed a marketing partnership with the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau to produce a daily 12-15 news piece for those trade shows interested in such a service, called “Live from McCormick Place.”

“This is a network quality show that brings all my television experience in producing live news for the trade show industry,” says award-winning producer Rivera. She is also the executive producer of KRT Productions in Schaumburg.

Individual exhibitors pay to be included on the PrivilegedAccess.tv (PA.tv) website in a two-minute, broadcast quality clip that is taped on site, Rivera explains.

PA.tv also furnishes each client with a DVD of the clip, which it may use for its own purposes.

Rivera’s team of 15-20 people ? a mixture of KRT production staff and freelancers ? work throughout the convention, often pulling 20-hour days and surviving on adrenaline and power naps, describes Rivera, who co-produces with Jane Serbus.

Editors Ed Pickert and Nick Borgione cut on mobile post units in a room supplied by McCormick Place until around 3 to 4 a.m, before producers distribute freshly-burned DVDs in the early hours to Chicago’s hotels and tour buses.

The content is also immediately uploaded to the websites of CCTB and PA.tv and McCormick Place, and os shown on hotel closed-circuit TV and buses to McCormick Place, thus ensuring a global 24/7 availability to content that was previously only accessible through a ticket purchase.

“When exhibitors wake up and turn on the TV, they can get information about the show, what celebrities are attending, and watch demonstrations and seminars, as well as seeing the parties and reception of the night before,” Rivera points out.

“This coverage is extremely valuable for show managers in their efforts to attract new customers, particularly international customers, or those who were not able to attend a show but are prospects for next year’s show,” she says.