River North-based Zacuto sales and rentals opens multi-purpose production equipment showroom

Zacuto USA has opened a full service showroom to display and demonstrate Panasonic and Sony cameras outfitted with Zacuto accessories as part of its expanded River North space.

With the addition of the first floor, 1,500-sq. ft. showroom, Zacuto camera sales and rentals now occupies 9,000-sq. ft. of space on two floors, connected by an interior spiral stairway.

“What’s great about the new showroom,” said Jens Bogehegn, partner with founder Steve Weiss, “is that it also serves as an educational center, where users can learn how to assemble their cameras with our parts and accessories.”

The showroom also can be used for exhibits, seminars and shoots, Bogehegn added. The rental department, night drop rooms and shipping are located on the first floor.

Zacuto’s entrance is on the second floor, where four newly rehabbed offices, conference room and kitchen are located.

The entire space is decorated with a collection of more than 50 vintage video cameras and monitors, hung from the ceiling and mounted on the walls, that have been acquired from private owners.

The Zacuto staff now numbers 14 with the addition of web/print designers Rachel Egan and Derek Kramer, sales/marketing administrative assistant Susan Bishop, Patrick Headen in IT, Jonathan Maloney in inventory, and outside salesman Ross Grasse in Texas.

Zacuto is located at 401 W. Ontario; phone, 312/863-3456. See