Ricardo Islas’ new take on “Frankenstein”

A NEW ADAPTATION OF “FRANKENSTEIN” is being developed by Ricardo Islas of Alpha Studios (“Night Fangs,” “To Kill a Killer,” “Lock Out,”), in which the monster murders his way through Dr. Frankenstein’s private army and closes in on the doctor’s wedding party.

Islas describes his approach as “old style Hammer type of movie, but action packed a la ?Predator.'”

He’s in talks with regular producing partners Mark Harris (“Black Butterfly”) and Cyn Dulay (“Stork”).

Islas is raising a $30,000 production budget on IndieGogo, an ambitious target for the crowdsourcing model, more typically used to raise four-figure sums.

“I’ve been told I should ask for little money for pre-production first, then move on to casting,” Islas says. “Not sure I have the patience for such an approach.” See