Rhythm Caf? changes its tune, transitioning to agency for admusic composers from music house

Rhythm Caf? did what it’s done for the past 10 years when four top composers produced stellar demo tracks for a State Farm/DDB spot package.

The difference was that the composers were freelancers, and not staff as in the past, as Rhythm Caf? converts from full-service music house to “talent agency for composers.”

“We’re setting the trend, not reacting to it,” said owner/executive producer Jim Olen of the new-to-Chicago concept.

His master plan is to hire rep/producers to represent a lengthy roster of accomplished admusic composers from many different musical backgrounds.

“Clients will have as many options as they need. I have no allegiance to any one person,” Olen said.

Since word got out about the change, Olen has been approached by seasoned commercial composers, indie rock bands, and nationally recognized recording artists, who want to compose tracks for the advertising industry.

“As long as the composer can turn around a great track under the deadline, be accessible to the creative team, and show the level of professionalism that this industry demands, we’re all good.”