Alicia Silverstone stars in Brody / Ryan’s third movie

Alicia Silverstone

“Who Gets the Dog?” the latest low-budget feature from Reid Brody and Bill Ryan’s 2D2 Productions and Epic Pictures Group gets underway Monday, Feb. 2 for three weeks. 

The romcom stars Alicia Silverstone (“Clueless) and Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”), as a divorcing couple fighting over the custody of their beloved dog, Wesley, a white Labrador. 

Headquartered at Cineverse (formerly Fletcher Cameras), the film has a primarily local crew of 35 and a cast of six principals, according to Brody. 

Script was written by Matt J.L. Wheeler and Rick Rapoza; director, Huck Botko (“The Last Exorcism”) of New York also had helmed “Bad Johnson;” coproducer, Tara Craig (“Trust Me”); coproducer; Joseph White, DP, is from LA. Casting by Claire Simon and extras by Extraordinary Casting.

“Who Gets the Dog” is the third made-in-Chicago feature for producers Brody, who heads Filmworkers Club, and Ryan, who had produced for John Hughes for many years.

Their comedy, “Bad Johnson,” was released in 2014 and family drama “Nothing like the Holidays” came out in 2008. Brody produced John Davies’ feature doc, “Phunny Business: A Black Comedy” in 2011. All three had theatrical releases and appeared on Video on Demand. 

Shaked Berenson, the film’s EP and co-founder of LA-based Epic Pictures, will introduce the finished film next November to buyers at the American Film Market in Santa Monica.