Reid, 7 others, win AWRT awards

Production veteran Nancy Reid is one of four persons to be honored by the Sept. 19 Angel Awards presented by American Women in Radio & Television’s Chicago chapter.

Reid, VP/development for Fred Blurton Productions and former VP/general manager of Broadview Media, will receive the Profile Award “for enhancing the positive profile of AWRT in the community.”

The Angel awards are named in honor of Angel (Mrs. Paul) Harvey, an early AWRT supporter and recipient of the first recognition award in 2002.

Awards are presented to individuals and companies in four categories. The Profile Award that Reid receives also goes to ABC Radio.

The Quality in Electronic Media awards honors Renee Genova, Ch. 26 production manager, and Harpo Studios.

Karyn Esken, Radio Disney’s WRDZ-AM station manager, and Starcom MediaVest receive the Development Award, for promoting and advancing of women in electronic media.

Museum of Broadcast Communications founder/president Bruce Dumont and Univision receive the Catalyst Award, for serving as a catalyst for communication and idea exchange through the support of organizations, such as AWRT.

AWRT’s roots go back to the early 1950s when it was a novelty for women to hold the top positions they hold today. The Chicago chapter faded away in the early ?80s as women began to achieve job parity and was resurrected in March, 1997.

AWRT president is Lisa Rosengard, Ch. 26’s sales/marketing director. The awards, she said, are held every other year “so they remain a little more unique and special as the organization continues on.” General meetings are held quarterly.

Reid is a founding member of the reincarnated AWRT Chicago chapter, a board member for three years and this year’s co chair for the Angel Awards.

The Angel Awards will be held Sept. 19 at the Chicago Athletic Association; tickets, $45/$55. Reservation details forthcoming.