REELSCREEN: News & Notes – 03/29/04

ARMY ON THE MARCH. Leo Burnett’s Ray Swift produced a five-minute Army Special Forces recruitment video called “Surveillance” and a 60 and 30 that was edited Optimus’ Craig Lewandowski. Earhole’s Eric Lambert and Eric Sproull provided original music for the video and commercials, and Pat Yacona did the sound design, Foley and mix.

WHODUNNIT? Roseanne DiMesio’s Chicago Screenwriters Network has come up with a pip of a guest for the April 4 meeting ? Kara Stefanson, a forensic DNA expert with the Illinois State Police ? giving the inside scoop on how forensic investigations really work. You don’t have to be a screenwriter to attend; all are welcome. That’s Sunday, April 4 at 6 p.m. at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln.

VIRTUAL TALENT SERVICE. George Tenne, BBDO’s former SVP/creative services director, has launched the 10cGroup of experienced writers, art directors and designers through a virtual network of talent. “I selected the best of the best from my previous role of hiring permanent and freelance creatives,” he said. “They can be available to any agency or client in any location, at any time, via the Internet.” Key services include three levels of creative needs: Starting with concept development, then presentation materials and final production if needed. Clients are open to select the level of creative need that suits them best. Contact Tenne at 630/545-1011; Email

HORRORFEST GUEST. Ari Lehman who portrayed the evil Jason Voorhees in the original “Friday the 13th” is the guest of the April 1-4 3rd Chicago Horror Film Festival. More than 20 features and shorts for the strong of heart and stomach play at the 3 Penny Cinema; Best of Fest Sunday, April 4. See the schedule at

WRONG STATE? A couple of local filmmakers who work with Paramount got excited when they heard that Paramount will film a remake of “The Longest Yard” in Illinois. Both called their respective Paramount contacts for first-hand info about starting dates. And both were told the movie is scheduled to shoot in California and Texas. The movie is a remake of the 1970’s Burt Reynolds starrer about a prison football team’s attempted prison break.

LOCAL FIRM BUYS THEATRES. The affiliates of Chicago investment group of Madison Dearborn Partners paid $1.5 billion to acquire Cinemark Inc. theatre chain of Plano Texas. Cinemark is one of the Americas biggest movie exhibitors with 3,142 screens in 33 sates and 23 South American countries.