Reel Women: Monica Zaffarano, Producer

Monica Zaffarano

Monica Zaffarano

Life is short, so make sure to enjoy playing in the great sandbox!”

I dive into things I dream of, and 2017’s Lost ‘n’ Found was no exception. I had the privilege directing some exceptional talent in our six-episode package. In addition to directing, I also produced the episodes.

In hindsight, it was insanity taking on both tasks when one is a full time job – BUT what a ride it was and oh we had some fun!

When art is a collaboration — it’s a beautiful thing!



How did you get into the business? I got in to the business organically — was first an actress for several years and naturally fell into the world of producing and directing AND I LOVE IT!

What obstacles have you faced specifically because of your gender? So far and gratefully I don’t feel my gender has challenged me!

Best thing to ever happen to you to remind you that you are a woman? I do find this a boys club, but, perhaps because I am a bit of a tomboy, I feel I fit in. I know being a woman, I can bring a smile to that men’s club and break the energy in the room. Using my gender for good!

Work you are most proud of? I am most proud of how people feel when on set with me. I have often heard how my crew feels supported and always seem to have a good experience. I like spreading sunshine … every day.

How do you describe the most significant #metoo moment of your life? Oh where do I begin? I have always looked at life as in chapters. Of course I’ve had #metoo moments – but to be honest many pale in comparison to many women in the industry. That said, I’ll champion until I’m blue in face for any injustice I see. Women should be running this country!

How have professional attitudes towards women evolved during your career? Certainly, and most notably of late there has been a joy prevalent … empowerment. Its everywhere! That has been like a seed that recently sprouted and it’s glorious! I love being a woman and love it even more these days!

Trapped on an island what essentials must you have? Laptop, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses and a good book!

If you had a time machine, what would you say to your past self? Maintain the healthy body healthy mind connection, ALWAYS. Don’t waste time with the noise.

If you could have a one-on-one with anyone who would it be? And why? Dalai Lama. He seems very funny, humble and at peace. I would LOVE to spend an afternoon with him. Or Oprah.

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