Jack in the Box introduces “Jackboxicus Major” for May 4


May 4 is synonymous with Star Wars, and also marks “National Space Day.” In celebration of these two pop culture moments, Jack in the Box is making history with fast food’s first-ever constellation — in the shape of Jack Box’s unmistakable head.

Move over, Orion, there’s a new constellation in town.

Created by the talented folks at David&Goliath, each star of the constellation is named after one of Jack’s signature food items (of course it is), so that astronomers, astronauts and space nerd jockeys can explore the Jack in the Box menu just as they would the final frontier.

“People who live in markets where Jack in the Box doesn’t have a presence are always commenting on social media about how much they wish there was one near them. So, we decided to bring Jack in the Box to them in a way only Jack can,” said Bobby Pearce, Chief Creative Officer at David&Goliath.

“In honor of National Space Day, we registered a constellation of stars in the shape of our fearless leader Jack Box’s head. Each star within the constellation was named after a popular food item. So, if you’re a Jack fan, no matter where you are, you can take comfort in knowing that there’s a collection of stars with names like Seasoned Curly Fries, Egg Rolls and Double Jack® watching over you. And who wouldn’t want that?”

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D&G linked up with Glenview, IL’s International Star Registry® (ISR) to claim Jack’s place in the cosmos by naming stars that create a constellation in the shape of his head. Each star in the constellation will be included in ISR’s star catalog with their telescopic coordinates and permanently recorded in their published catalog of stars.

Jackboxicus Major will be shared on the brand’s social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

May the Fourth be with you, Jack. Unless Thanos has eliminated you. Sorry, wrong franchise.

Agency: David&Goliath
   Founder & Chairman: David Angelo
   Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pearce
   Creative Director: Steve Yee
   Creative Director: Robert Cuff
   Creative Director / Head of Social: Sara Buschkamp
   Designer: Ryan Lawrence
   Group Account Director: Dominique Branham
   Management Supervisor: Lindsay Brown
   Director of Digital Production: Peter Bassett
   Senior Digital Producer: Noah Luger
   Digital Producer: Kyle Stein
   Senior Developer: Ben Smith
   Developer: Mariano Echegoyen
   User Experience Design: John Randall
   Digital Designer: Meagan Steinkamp
   Chief Strategic Officer: Wells Davis
   Group Planning Director: Donesh Olyaie
   Senior Social Media Strategist: Natalie Gomez
   Associate Director of Project Management: Genie Lara
   Sr. Project Manager: Amy Chiang
   Project Coordinator: Cassandra Horne
   Executive Director Business Affairs: Rodney Pizarro
   Business Affairs Manager: Yenia Paez
   Associate Business Affairs Manager: Marlon Pineda

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