Reel Chicago remembers those who have left us in 2021

Reel Chicago remembers and celebrates the friends and loved ones of our community who no longer make the journey with us.

They made us laugh. They made us love. They made us sing. They made us cry. They made us think. Some entertained. Some showered us with their creativity. Some made us think differently. Some were just there when we needed them. All in all, the people we lost in 2021 made an impact on us. It’s the kind of impact that will last lifetimes.

Whether you stay in Chicago to make your mark or leave to make your impact felt elsewhere, you are still Chicago. 100%. It’s a badge of honor anyone from this city wears proudly.

Below are some of the talented Chicagoans who inspired us and will continue even if they are not walking with us:

Paul Johnson, house music icon who influenced a slew of modern-day DJs, passed away at 50 due to Covid

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We also realize that in 2021, COVID continued to have a devastating impact on some of our extended family – you our readers. If you have lost someone dear to you this year you have our sincere condolences.

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