The Reel Black List: Rhyan LaMarr, Filmmaker

Rhyan LaMarr

Rhyan LaMarr

You know that crazy dream you had last night? Rhyan LaMarr could make it happen in reality.

He’s been a director since high school, with more than ten years of experience producing films including long-form music videos, features, shorts, reality shows, and programs.

Rhyan recently completed directing his third feature film, Canal Street.

An out of the box thinker with a knack for creating stimulating entertainment on a shoestring budget, Rhyan is a creative visionary on the rise.

What was your first break?

Bernie Mac actually gave me my first break when I was 18. He was the first person in the Entertaimemt world to give me a shot. Though I was only supposed to be a day player on “Mr. 3000!” and work for a week, his team kept me around for the entire shoot. It opened my eyes to filmmaking in an entirely different light. Something school could never teach me. That onset teaching was priceless. I’ve never forgotten that.


Work you are most proud of?

I am constantly evolving and creating on a daily. God has blessed me with vision so I know my best work is ahead of me. I find pride in everything I do and just feel so honored to be able to do this for a living and call it a career.


How has the business changed since you broke in?

I always tell people I feel like I got in at the tail end of a great error. Early 2000’s investors, studios, record companies were still spending alot of money on projects. Before the stock market crashed in 08’ and the writers strike…way back before reality came in and changed everything things just felt different. I’m sure folks felt the shift. I was a music video director at the time And almost over night videos went from a quarter million dollar budgets to 10k in a snap! But with that it just made go-getters and hustlers shine even more. Its evolution, digressioin and then progression…Its life.


Trapped on an island what are the creative essentials you must have?

A bible
A pen with unlimited ink
A type writter with unlimited ink
A solor powered iPod that played endless music on rotation in all genres from the 70’s-90’s


If you had a time machine, what would you say to your past self?

Keep God first
Keep family 2nd
Don’t be in a rush to find love
Enjoy the ride, its going to be very bumpy. Everyday your going to be tested.
Be careful who you let into your inner circle.
People come in seasons and most will not last a lifetime.
The word friend is truly the most misused word in the dictionary.
Don’t be afraid to say no.
All money isn’t the right money no matter if everything is on the up and up.
Don’t be afraid to take charge.
Live in the moment as the ride goes fast.
Take accounting classes sooner oh and invest in crypto currency lol


If you could have a one-on-one with anyone who would it be? And why?

Bernie Mac. I’d want to tell him thank you for being one of the first to ignite a flame in me that has never went out. At the time I didn’t know what he was doing or what I was doing. Its been the gift that keeps on giving the older I get. He taught me about paying it forward, so I’d just want to thank him in person and grab some bbq at my spot out south, you know and just fellowship.

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