‘Red Car Ignition’ party spotlights Escape Pod work

Red Car editorial’s new managing director Carrie Holecek has gone all out for a memorable first party in a series she calls “Red Car Ignition,” that will undoubtedly blow their agency clientele guests away. 

Beyond the drinks, the food that departs from usual cocktail fare, Navy Pier fireworks seen from the facility’s deck on the river, will be a symposium by a team from client The Escape Pod with the director flying in from L.A. especially for the occasion.

“Ignition is a party with a purpose for our guests as we continue to build and focus our relationships with top creative directors and production companies,” says Holecek, who returned to Chicago in 2008 as executive producer of The Whitehouse after 13 years in L.A. working in feature film post production. 

“The party starts with a symposium about how the creative spark is ignited and how it catches fire throughout the important relationships between the creative team, the director, editor and composer to result in great work,” she says.

The Escape Pod, led by award-winning executive creative director/partner Vinny Warren and managing director/partner Norm Bilow, takes center stage for its acclaimed Kraft/Oscar Mayer Lunchables campaign. 

Red Car’s Jon Desir and Carrie HolecekHolecek and Red Car executive producer Jon Desir will moderate the panel of Escape Pod’s Warren and executive producer Kent Kwiatt; the special appearance of MJZ director Ray Dillman; Red Car’s award-winning editor Michael Coletta and online finish Christopher Elliot and audio engineer Drew Weir of Vagabond Audio.

Grammy-winning composer Lorne Balfe of L.A., who composed the orchestral music around Lunchables visual story, was invited but is unable to attend.

Lunchables commercials and Dillman’s behind-the-scenes footage will be displayed on “an amazing AV setup,” says Holecek — a massive 14-foot screen provided by Frost AV equipment.

A fun, casual, lightly themed summer party follows the panel discussion, flowing onto the spacious outdoor deck outfitted with an adult lemonade stand (with vodka) will be available.

“Summer snacks that adults loved as kids will be served,” notes Holecek, “but these will be made from local, organic ingredients” from green catering by Fig.  “And we will also serve Lunchables sliders,” she adds.

The symposium starts at 6:30 p.m. the party at 7:30 and the event climaxes at 9:30 with dazzling fireworks display from Navy Pier.  Space is limited but you may still RSVP here.