Recording studio legend and Grammy show sound designer Murray Allen dies in San Francisco

Murray Allen’s 30 years of serving as sound designer for the international Grammy Awards will be recognized Feb. 8 during the Grammys’ In Memoriam segment.

Mr. Allen, one of the great audio experts and owner of legendary Universal Recording Studios, died Jan. 19 from liver cancer in his home in San Francisco. He was 76.

“At every moment in his entire career Murray was state-of- the-art, always looking for cutting-edge improvements, and that was true of the Grammy broadcasts,” recalled his friend Hank Neuberger, supervisor of broadcast audio for the Grammys.

A native Chicagoan, Murray Allen’s career spanned more than 50 years in the music and entertainment industry. He had been a musician, producer, session player, engineer, studio owner, and studio designer.

Mr. Allen’s enthusiasm, personality and insatiable quest of knowledge and love of technology had propelled Universal from a modest operation into the biggest recording studio between coasts.