RECAP: Chicago Med ‘Letting Go Only to Come Together’

Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning, Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Chicago Med‘s Wednesday episode Letting Go Only to Come Together begins with Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) telling Natalie’s mother a suspenseful story. He’s at the Manning house, where Natalie’s mom (Margaret Colin) is doing her best to interrogate him regarding his family.

She seems to be well aware of Crockett’s backstory, and he further reveals that his family is Zoroastrian when she asked him if he was Muslim. 

In the hospital lobby, Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) is being asked by her son Michael (Hampton Fluker) about the hospital tightening up its rules about company reps. She explains vaguely that the changes are necessary after the events of the previous episode. Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) walks up as Michael storms off and the two commiserate about parenting. Dr. Charles invites Goodwin to get a cup of coffee but she declines and walks away. 

Will (Nick Gehlfuss) confirms a lunch date with Dr. Virani (Tehmina Sunny). Virani also talks to Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) about playing chess where they lightly banter about Will’s intelligence. 

Choi’s attention is pulled away when a pro tennis player named Montez (Vincent Jamal Hooper) is brought into the ED after suffering a high speed tennis ball to the chest. He loses consciousness pretty quickly after Choi had just explained a possible prognosis. At this point Choi is confused about what is wrong with his heart after it changes from no rhythm to a heart beat too fast. 

Elsewhere, April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) finds out she’s going back to the COVID-19 ward.


Will takes on the case of a guy named Liam (James Eckhouse) who’s dislocated his shoulder, however it appears to be much more than that. Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) notices Liam’s talking to invisible people and decides she needs to include Dr. Charles. 

Crockett and Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) finally turn up at the hospital, where Natalie apologizes to Crockett for her mother. He tells her that he understands completely and that she doesn’t need to apologize for anything. The two are then called to work together to treat Lisa who describes herself as a “professional patient” for abdominal pain.

The ultrasound shows that her bladder is full and they decide to drain her bladder in hopes it will provide her with some relief. List instructs the doctors to go into her bag where Natalie finds all her medical records. 

Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Montez comes to and Choi explains to him that his heart shouldn’t be beating so quickly for a 21-year-old athlete. Montez gives Choi his story about how his late father wanted to see him at the US Open just before he gets a nosebleed, which he says happens when he’s stressed.

Goodwin is interrupted by Gwen Garrett (Heather Headley), who’s been getting a lot of calls from angry corporate representatives who hate her new unilateral changes just as much as Michael does. Gwen is afraid of the hospital losing funding if their rules are too strict, and informs Goodwin that she’s “shutting them down” as the hospital’s Chief Operating Officer.

Charles comes in to look at Liam, who admits that he’s been talking to his wife Terri, who died recently of an aneurysm. “Look, I know she’s dead,” he says, “but I swear, she’s right there.” Charles tells him that he gets it since he lost his own wife last season. Liam explains that he’s been seeing her for a few months and is aware that his mind is “playing tricks on him”.

Dr. Charles then talks to Will about Liam having a visual hallucination that could be a sign of a “deeper brain or eye issue,” and not a mental health issue and Will orders an MRI.

Natalie tells Lisa her tests are normal which somehow disappoints her. Lisa says she’s been having these abdominal issues for 16 years and tells the two doctors about all of her testing as well as the diagnoses she’s sure she DOESN’T have and begs the doctors to fix her. Marcel agrees to look deeper and she consents to more testing.

Back at the Covid ward, April introduces herself to her first COVID-19 patient Gina, who thinks COVID-19 is a “big scam.” April convinces her to use her oxygen. 

Virani tells Choi that she watched Montez play and volunteers to help him with the case. He rebuffs her since she doesn’t technically work for the hospital but then reconsiders 15 seconds later.  Montez is terrified that his career is over. 

Natalie is horrified to discover that Natalie’s mom got Crockett a possibly racially insensitive gift, but Crockett assures her that it was a thoughtful gift that he appreciates. The two briefly discuss Lisa’s latest test results which have all come back normal. 

Maggie talks to Goodwin about expanding Chicago Med’s training programs, only to walk into Gwen grandstanding with all of the reps, including Michael and Goodwin is forced to explain to Maggie how Gwen has undone all of her changes.

After Liam has a seizure, Will discovers a tumor in his left occipital lobe that explains all of his problems, including the hallucinations. Of course, Liam refuses the surgery because he doesn’t want to lose the hallucinations of his wife.

Will decides to take his time with the paperwork to keep him from being discharged and chides Choi for working with Virani. Liam and Charles have a conversation about what Terri would want her husband to do. Liam consents to the surgery.  At the end of the episode, Charles comforts Liam after the surgery is completed. 

April asks Lanik (Nate Santana) what she’s supposed to do with Gina and he tasks her with convincing Gina that this is not a hoax and that she needs to consent to be intubated. April convinces her patient to get treatment by agreeing with her hoax theory. 

While waiting for the intubation, Gina crashes and April makes the decision to start administering life saving medication on her own and she is immediately chastised for her actions. April finds out Lanik wants her fired. Maggie confronts her and April is once again unrepentant, saying she saved Gina’s life.

Crockett and Natalie find the source of Lisa’s pain which appears to be from her renal vein being compressed, which is excruciatingly painful. The doctors show Lisa that she’s got two different syndromes, however only one of them can be treated.

Once it is explained to her that neither option will alleviate her pain, she declines either option and resolves that she will just always live with the pain. Crockett decides that moving Lisa’s kidney might be an option. They explain the procedure to Lisa and she consents to the surgery.

When Montez’s stats fall dramatically Virani convinces Choi that Montez’s nosebleeds are likely related after discovering there are no other medical anomalies in his history. At this point, Montez is now coughing up blood. Montez’s condition is finally diagnosed (and it’s treatable). Virani tells Montez that once his symptoms are treated, he should be able to resume his sports career. 

Goodwin visits Charles to talk about their respective days. Charles suggests that her changing the rules is motivated by what happened with Michael in the last episode. 

Choi admits to Virani that he didn’t want to overstep her “close” relationship with Will and she says there’s nothing wrong with her seeing Will and socializing with him, so they decide to play that chess game after all.

Crockett tells Natalie that Lisa is finally pain-free and that the two of them make a “great team.” Natalie asks if Crockett broke his cycle of pain by being with her and he says the moment she came into his life, his past was in the past, and the two express their love for each other verbally. 

Goodwin admits to Michael that not only are her rules being reversed but she did make them because of him. He replies that he’s leaving and going to another hospital. 

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Executive producers:
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